Tutoring, Music, and Life-Skills Coaching for Students and Adults in Stanislaus, San Joaquin, and Merced Counties, CA

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A-Plus Learning "Empowering Students to Exceed Their Expectations!"
A-Plus Learning’s mission is to provide programs that will encourage students, both academically and personally, enabling them to build upon the skills they already possess, empowering them to understand who they are as a learner.

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What You Can Expect

We will perform a complete and confidential assessment of your student, and develop an individualized program to address the critical needs of your student. We want to meet the student where they are and equip them to meet the goals they have before them. We will also provide an assessment at the end, so that both the student and their parents can see the growth. Together, we will celebrate their successes!

Grades K-8
Reading, Writing. Science, Social Studies
Grades K-12
Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, English, Writing
Grades K-College
Reading, Language Arts, English, Writing

All levels: Beginner through Professional
  • Percussion (All instruments and styles)
  • Piano (Beginner only and Jazz Improvisation)
  • Theory, Composition, and History


  • Family support
  • Encouragement
  • Study habits and coping strategies
  • Career coaching and interview skills
 Owner’s Perspective

I believe that the two basic needs of humans are to be loved and accepted. As a Life-Skills Coach, I start there. I will walk beside you on your journey and help you identify your obstacles. Then, equip you with tools to remove them. I work with students as well as adults and families. I have always tried to live with a servant’s heart and look forward to serving you.

~ Sheila Kendall, Owner ~

Just as academic intervention is real, so are social and emotional.  Sometimes a student needs encouragement and a new perspective to achieve the desired results in life.  This may mean working with the student alone, and sometimes, the family as well.  Either way, a new perspective improves performance, which can produce the desired results in school and in life!
At A-PLUS Learning, we empower you to exceed your highest expectations!

Education & Experience
I have been in the education profession for nearly two decades.  I possess both a Teaching Credential and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling.
Since 2008, I have worked closely with students who are at risk of not being able to graduate.  This takes a serious amount of collaborative intervention.  Often when students are getting poor grades; it is not that they can’t do the work, it is more likely that they do not want to, thus, it becomes more of a motivational issue.  It takes the commitment of the student, and the cooperation of the family, to best ensure the successes desired.
My passion is to help students who are not meeting their potential academically, socially, and or emotionally.  I enjoy working closely with families to help remove any barriers the student may be facing, in order for them to become the best they can be in life.

Thank you for choosing A-PLUS Learning as your professional resource.

Sheila Kendall, Ed. M.
Serving students and families in Turlock, Livingston, Atwater, Newman, Patterson, Modesto, Ceres, Stockton, Lodi, Manteca. Not all subjects apply to all areas.
For a personalized interview and student evaluation, call Sheila today at 209-996-5264.
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